OK, I think that covers it! If you’re totally overwhelmed right now, feel free to check my website or other headshot photographer websites for clothing ideas and inspiration! Then go shopping and leave those tags on! Good headshot clothing stores to try: H&M, J. Crew, Anthropologie, American Eagle, Zara, Madewell, and Aritzia.


Jewelry is a bit more accepted in the headshot industry nowadays, especially if it helps to show your style and personality. Keep it subtle and small if anything. If you're a hoops person, bring your hoops. Stay away from anything too flashy or bold.


If you plan on wearing glasses to your shoot, I STRONGLY recommend bringing them to any eye glass place and get the glass removed from the frames. It’s quick and free and will dramatically reduce the glare in your shots and your eyes will appear clear and in focus. You can also buy cheap plastic frames from Amazon or even CVS as an option. Pop those lenses out!!!!



Wear things you LIKE and make you feel comfortable! Ultimately, if you don't like it, it will translate on to the image. This is a headshot, so be most attentive to how the shirt fits from your head to your chest and maybe a little below. We can always cheat and clip things to frame your body well! That said, big puffy sleeves and shoulder pads are gonna make you look wider than you are.   


Blouses, dresses, jackets, and blazers are all acceptable. If you’re going for a young professional or procedural type, a blazer or button up can work. If you’re going for bad ass, edgy, tough, foreign, etc. - I’ll never turn down a leather jacket or any jacket for that matter. Ladies, please bring the right bra(s). The lights illuminate your clothing, so a textured or colored bra might show. If you have petals or something of that nature, it's probably a good call.


Henleys are great, any sort of v neck helps to elongate the body and add movement to your photo. Button downs, jackets, blazers, etc are great. Cable knit, cowl neckline, fold over, cardigans, Anything with a collar is typically a good go-to. Jean jackets, leather jackets, tweed, etc are all interesting. Of course, a good t shirt that fits well is great too. Bring whatever speaks to you.


Mauve, olive, eggplant, salmon, ruby, jewel tones, earthy tones, etc. Stay away from bright or neon type colors - they are distracting and take away from your face. Leather, silks, knitted, linen, and lace all look interesting on camera. Any fabric that has some texture to it can be visually appealing and can help stand out in a pile.

Solids are always the safest bet but *some* subtle patterns can be dynamic and exciting. The more your skin is exposed, it will help break up the pattern and not confuse the eyes. For example, a pattern shirt with an open neckline or short sleeves will help break up the business of the shirt. No logos please! Cotton tank tops are great, but don’t let this be the only thing you bring - they are sometimes overdone/boring. Those $5 tanks from h&m are lackluster… If the tank has a cool fabric or texture, it’s already more exciting. Long sleeves can work, but don’t let the fabric consume you. We want to see your skin, bones, movement, and body shape.

Colors, Textures, Necklines


Headshot Prep

We’ll go over some of this at the start of the session. The answers to these questions should help inform the clothing choices you bring to the session.

1.) What roles or types do you like playing?
2.) What roles are you getting called in for?
3.) Whose career do you admire in the industry? These individuals could resemble your personality and/or share a similar appearance.
4.) Think of a few roles on stage or in film/tv that you could play right now.
5.) What is your age range for castings?


-Get as much sleep as you can. I know. Way easier said than done!
-Don’t drink the night before or even a few days before, if possible. Alcohol dehydrates you and makes you look tired.
-Wash your hair the night/day before your session!!! More on this in “hair.”


-Drink water! Water helps with skin, breakouts, bloating, your general well being.
-If applicable, ask your agent or manager what they want to see out of your headshot. Colors? Vibes? Hopefully they’re trusting of you and the process and won’t have too many particulars. We got this!
-Make a playlist that makes you happy and excited and want to dance. Anything from Rihanna to Frank Sinatra to Fleetwood Mac works - the sky is the limit. This is optional, of course.


-Cleanse morning and evening. Tone. Use moisturizer. Moisturize and exfoliate your lips. Don’t go crazy and experiment with new products that might make you dry or irritated.
-If you have any breakouts on the day of your session DON’T FREAK. We gotchu.
-Stay away from face or hair masks or facials. You don’t know how your skin or hair is going to react. Stick with your normal routine. 


-DO NOT get a haircut or color too close to the session! I can’t tell you how many people don’t feel like themselves after a bad cut or are upset that their bangs are too short. But if they’re too long… we won’t see your pretty face. So make sure you time this well!
-If your hair is dead on the ends, it might be a good idea to get a cut 3-4 weeks before your shoot. Dry or dead ends are a hard thing to hide in retouching. A fresh and healthy cut looks great in photos.
-If you’ve got a little peach fuzz on your upper lip and you don’t like it, then definitely wax (don’t bleach). But don’t do this too close to your session! Gotta let that skin heal.
-Wash your hair the night before unless you’ve just gotten a blow out. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo so your hair is really clean and fresh, with no oily build up. It’s hard to revitalize hair that is weighed down by grease.
-You should arrive with your hair styled the way you like it for auditions. It’s important that we have a base to work with and then take it from there. If you think a blow out is a good base, then head over to a dry bar or let us know if you need recommendations. 


Written by, Jonathan Van Ness
Just kidding. But how cool would that be?

Hair & Skin

Short and sweet!

Just kidding, I know that was a bit of an info-overload and might seem intimidating, but I promise I am not. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that WE'VE GOT YOU and this is going to be fun.
I fully believe that the energy you give off is the energy you receive.

We can't wait to meet you and create some beautiful images together. 

That's It!

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