Our studio is located in Brooklyn and off the Franklin Ave 2,3,4,5,C and S trains.

There are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants nearby and the building is managed by a security guard 7 days a week.

Our cancellation policy is below.

A deposit of $150 is required to book a session.


After many years in the business, we firmly believe this collaboration is paramount to achieving a clean, versatile, and dynamic headshot.

*Makeup is required for women and is highly encouraged for men*



Online Proof Gallery
Downloadable jpegs of entire collection
Image Consultation at the beginning of each shoot
Coffee/Tea/Water/Positive vibes Provided


Pricing Guide

This package is ideal for maximizing your headshot looks with the option to combine both headshots and branding shots in one session. If you’re looking to create content for a website, social media, or promotional material, we can use this time to explore images that go beyond the headshot to let your personality shine through. If you have specific goals, let me know, and we’ll brainstorm ways to get your ideas captured.

 (We are typically able to cover 4-5 headshot looks and 2 branding looks. Or you can use the time to focus on just headshots if you prefer)!

With this shoot, we’ll have the time to relax and play around with expression, looks, and creative styles. We’ll explore different clothing, backgrounds, and lighting to help cover your bases for any audition that comes your way.
If this is your first headshot experience or you’re looking to completely revamp your current materials, this session would be a good fit.

This session is designed for the client who knows exactly what they need out of their shoot. It’s recommended for those familiar with the headshot process and need to update an existing portfolio with a fresh look or two.

Headshot Sessions

Inquire within for rates and options
I am happy to travel to your office for groups of 3 or more. Let’s get in touch to make it happen.

For this package, we will meet and explore our predetermined location(s) in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens to capture you in a variety of exciting backdrops. These shots can help promote your business or blog, increase social media content, or maybe even boost self esteem on dating apps. If you have any questions or want to talk more about this package, let’s get in touch!

Other Packages

Student** - take 10% off Premium or Ultimate Packages
Returning Client - take 20% off any session

** Must be a current student at a university or college and a valid ID is required


Basic:           Women: $200 Men: $120
Premium:      Women: $250 Men: $160
Ultimate:    Women: $300 Men: $200

*The prices below correspond with the photo package of the same name*

Makeup Rates

I always recommend having a makeup artist on set. If you have problematic skin, discoloration, or are planning on shaving halfway through, this is something you should consider. Makeup will even out your complexion and help erase any spots, darkness under the eyes, or redness and will make your headshot appear more “awake.”

Most men will get red/blotchy after a shave because it has been exposed to less sunlight and was just irritated by the razor. Because of this, we will always reapply to even out the skin tone and texture post shave!


Included with makeup is hair help, but we ask that you arrive with your hair styled the way you’d show up to an important audition. This way, the MUA has a good base and can style off what's already there.

We are happy to provide ONE hair styling or change, either at the beginning or halfway through the shoot. 

If you need help achieving two very different hair styles (one at the beginning and one in the middle), it is an additional $50.

If you have VERY curly hair and need to go from curly to straight, this may require additional time and compensation. Please let us know if you think this applies to you.


After many years of experience, I am confident that having a professional artist on set is necessary to creating images that are clean, eye catching, and showcase you at your very best.

My team of artists have worked with me for years and are comfortable with all skin and hair types. They know the best application techniques and color pallets that compliment my specific lighting and shooting style. Truly, this has taken years for us to master! We are constantly adding new products and tweaking our technique to make our headshots stand out and last for years.

Think of the makeup process as a collaboration and not a dictation! We will show you how the images are reading, so you are able to tell us if you a.) feel like yourself and b.) want to make any additional changes.

We start off with a more natural look, based on how you normally apply makeup in your every day life. We’ll make small tweaks throughout the shoot (add more depth to the eye, change the lip, etc) for variety and age range.

Makeup and Hair

Ready to shoot?

Makeup/hair is required for women and highly encouraged for men. 

Sprint Delivery: 
24 hours

Rush Delivery:
 3 business days

Standard Delivery:
2 weeks

All final photos from our shoot will be uploaded to a private gallery where you can share your images, choose your favorites, and download in high-resolution preferences.


If you choose Rush or Sprint delivery, please let us know at the time of booking or right after your session.

A deposit of $150.00 is required to book a session and is non-refundable. If for some reason you need to change your scheduled time or date, you may do so within 7 days prior to your shoot day, and your deposit will be transferred. You may only transfer the deposit once. Cancellations made after the allotted time will require a new deposit in order to book.

For more general info on the session, check out my FAQ page!

Terms of Payment + Cancellation Policy

"I had a blast and particularly appreciated your energy, enthusiasm and encouragement! You really helped to ameliorate any anxiety I might have had about new headshots."


"The shoot was productive, lighthearted, fun, goofy and lively. I felt as though I was able to trust you but was also given the opportunity to express what I liked and didn’t like; it was the perfect amount of guidance and collaboration!"

Jaime Bartolett

"Even using unretouched versions, I got a commercial audition, and more recently, a serious boyfriend! Not using an app though."

Carolyn Ann De Melo

Elizabeth Colwell

"I would like you to know that you are a goddess of the highest order. Thank you SO MUCH. I am so ridiculously happy!!!"

"I am absolutely FLOORED. The shots are versatile and marketable and I see my true self in them. During the shoot, you both put me immediately at ease in a process that for me is usually nerve-wracking and filled with self-doubt. I can't thank you both enough!"

Hannah Daly

"Whenever I would submit for auditions in the past, I always saw my headshots as an added obstacle. But now I finally feel like I have something that will actually help me. I can't thank you guys enough. P.S I binge-watched queer eye and am fully obsessed #struggstofunc"

Madeline Smith

"In a situation that can easily foster a kind of extreme self-consciousness, you created a room where I could feel relaxed (and even have fun)! I feel like I learned so much."

Marina Morrissey

"Oh my goodness these are AMAZING!!  You have the sweetest spirit, and being in the studio with you was definitely one of the highlights of my year!"

Olivia Tobol

"I have been looking to make a career change for awhile but just waiting for a "plan" to emerge. Well about 2 months after I posted a new headshot on linkedin I was recruited for a fantastic new job that I started on Monday. So, while I have no data driven conclusion I will say that the timing is awfully suspicious and would suggest the  impact the new headshot had was very positive. I would say Jess perhaps something magical in your photography!!"

Scott Magnacca 

"With exemplary communication skills and kindness, Jessica is a delight to shoot with. Her obvious talent is second only to her charm & utterly inspirational energy."


"I had so much fun in the photoshoot and felt well taken care of. You’re such a wonderful talent and you’re incredibly flexible to work with. It simply felt effortless and the results were jaw-dropping. "

Weronika Helena Wozniak

Happy Headshots