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"I literally wanted to be both of your best friends, I loved your personalities so much! As someone who is very anxious, you have no idea how much I appreciate people like you. You were so sweet and funny, I didn’t even want to leave! Thank you so much for everything. <3"


"I have never been super confident in my looks, but your work made them really special! And I felt your energy and your authentic nature, which made me trust you and easy to follow your direction. Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty in myself and bringing it out!"


"I felt as though I was able to trust you but was also given the opportunity to express what I liked and didn’t like; it was the perfect amount of guidance and collaboration!"


"I AM COOKING AND THE POT BOILED OVER. I LITERALLY COULD NOT CARE LESS. Y'all are sorcerers. Thank you thank you thank you."


"Thank you so much for these incredible photos and for allowing me to be behind your camera - it was such a wonderful experience and honor to be able to do so. Truly couldn't be happier right now and I'm so so incredibly grateful for you all!"

Some fun facts about me: I was born in Mexico, but grew up in NYC (y si, hablo espanol). I feel passionate about working with kids and am currently getting my Master’s at NYU in Educational Theatre. I love to travel and have performed all over North American, Europe, and the UK. I have an incorrigible sweet tooth (too much chocolate isn’t enough). When I’m not hanging with friends or my 6’5 hubby, you can find me reading a series of epic fantasy novels—if you need any recs let me know. Looking forward to chatting and helping you set up a shoot! 

Hi, I’m Tamara! I’m an actress, producer, writer, and teaching artist in addition to working alongside Jess.

Meet our Studio Manager

Our studio building is located in Brooklyn and off the Franklin Ave 2,3,4,5, C, and S trains. 

There are comfortable places to sit in the lobby and there are plenty of great coffee shops and restaurants nearby. The building is managed by a security guard 7 days a week. 

We are near the Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park for those looking to make a day out of it!

The Studio Building: