After the shoot, I’ll comb through the hundreds of photos we take and will give you the best selection from your session. The photos will be color corrected and uploaded to a gallery with downloadable jpegs. It’ll feel like Christmas morning. 


By the time we meet on the day, you’ll have gone through some “homework” questions that will get you thinking about what kinds of roles you play, what you’re missing, and how to make the most of your time. I will offer you coffee or tea and you will *hopefully* play some music that makes your heart happy. We’ll review your clothes and talk about your goals as an artist. I’ll always offer you my opinion, but I’m gonna listen to you first. These shots are not for me, they are for you. 

The bottom line is that I’ve got your back and I’m coaching you through the whole process. But I play off of your vibes too, so I know when to step back and let the magic happen. As we shoot, we will periodically look over at the monitor at the top of each look to make sure that hair and makeup feel like you and that we are on track with your goals. I encourage open dialogue throughout the whole shoot. 

my approach


Email us! We’ll send you some general info with a link to our current rates page. In order to provide you with availability, we will need to know what package you are most interested in. Once we find a day that works for you, your deposit of $200 will lock in the time and date that we have chosen based on availability.  Due to high demand, time slots cannot be reserved before receiving the deposits and they are first come first serve. 

1. How can I book a session? 

Depending on the season, we may be booking 2-4+ months out. September - March is our busiest season, so get in touch ASAP for availability if you're interested or even thinking about shooting. Sometimes we have last-minute openings, so definitely reach out! We also have a cancellation list.

2. How far in advance should I book? 

Once you book a session, we will send you *very detailed* clothing suggestions, a few “homework” questions that will help get you thinking about what to bring, and suggestions on how to prepare for the weeks leading up to your session. 

3. What should I wear? 

The homework questions should get you thinking about what you're looking for out of your headshot session before our shoot day. They will help inform the outfits you bring, narrow down the looks or vibes you want to achieve, and will help you better understand how to communicate your needs. On your shoot day, we will briefly chat about your answers to these questions and they will help give me a better understanding of your goals so I can best capture them! The makeup artist will be in on this process as well, so we are all on the same page.

4. What are homework questions? 

A look usually implies changing your shirt, the background/atmosphere, and potentially tweaking your hair and makeup. Each look will showcase different types of roles you're capable of. Adding a clothing layer or a pair of glasses is not considered an additional look. 

5. What is a look? 

No, we will provide you with an extremely seasoned and talented MUA from our team. Our makeup artists understand our specific lighting and camera set-up and know which products and techniques are best suited for these conditions. They have all worked with us for years and are incredible collaborators and professionals. We'll ask you to show us a photo of how you normally style your hair and makeup for auditions to make sure we start with a look that feels like you and will make sure you're comfortable throughout. You will have opportunities to look at the monitor at the top of each look to make sure you are happy with everything and make any changes/tweaks if desired. HMU is required for all clients. 

6. Can I do my own makeup? 

Unlike other photographers, we release all the best, un-retouched, and downloadable images in high-res jpegs. Your images will be color-corrected but not retouched. We don't recommend using any un-retouched photos for professional use or promotion of your brand. We offer free retouches in some of our packages. You can pay an additional amount if you'd like to get any photos retouched, beyond what is included in your package. 

7. Can I have all the photos un-retouched? 

Depending on your package, you will get anywhere from 80 - 300 selects from the shoot. For our express corporate shoot, you will receive 25-50 selects. 

8. How many photos will I get? 

Our standard delivery is 2 weeks. There are options for 3 Business Day and 24hr rushes on our rates page. Retouching takes an additional 2-3 week turnaround time as we have many orders and only a small outside team. There are rush options for retouching if needed. 

9. When will I get my photos? 

Because a quality headshot can change your career. You want to be working with a photographer who knows the industry and will provide coaching techniques to get you a versatile, professional, and eye-catching headshot. It takes hours after the shoot to comb through your session to provide you with only the best photos that are color corrected, backed up and downloaded to your own website. This stuff takes time! We only want you to walk away with the very best. 

10. Why are headshots expensive? 

We lead our sessions with open dialogue and collaboration. We encourage you to speak up during the session if you would like to make any changes. Periodically, we will show you how the images are reading on the monitor so you have multiple opportunities to tweak hair/makeup and make sure we're on track with your goals. Because of this, we do not offer reshoots. If you change your look and want to shoot a shorter session, our returning clients always receive 20% off any package

11. What is your reshoot Policy? 

A deposit of $200.00 is required to book a session and is non-refundable. If for some reason you need to change your scheduled time or date, you may do so within 7 days prior to your shoot day, and your deposit will be transferred. You may only transfer the deposit once. Cancellations made after the allotted time will require a new deposit in order to book. We recommend you book out the entire day to eliminate any stressors. Please make sure you alert your agency or job prior to booking your appointment to avoid any hassle later. 

12. What is your booking policy?

For headshots, shooting outdoors is ONLY available for the Ultimate Session and is available April - October, weather permitting. For the Branding Session, this option is available all season. However, if temperatures are not ideal (too cold, too humid, raining, etc) then we don't recommend shooting outside as you may be dealing with wind, melty makeup, red noses, or strange characters popping up in the background. With that said, shooting outdoors may suit your personality and the conditions may be in your favor. We can always discuss this on your shoot day to determine what will be the best. If you are interested in potentially shooting outside, we will need to book a morning or early afternoon shoot. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in at the time of booking.

13. Indoors vs. Outdoors?

We kindly ask that you respect our wishes to keep every session closed to guests. It's important that you don't feel influenced by a family member, friend, or significant other, so we ask that you come alone. Bringing others into the room can potentially be overwhelming and can create unnecessary opinions and distractions, as well as take up space. If your guest would like a private and comfortable place to sit, please let us know, and we would be happy to reserve a conference room for them as long as it's available! There are also plenty of comfortable seats available right in the lobby for your convenience. 

** For kids and teens 15 and under, it is ok if a family member accompanies you.

14. Can I bring someone with me? 

I'd like to think we will be forever friends before, during, and after the shoot. But if you'd like to chat more about any of the above, my studio manager can schedule you a free phone consultation. 

15. But will we vibe? 


Starting at $900


Starting at $400 
*Group rates available, inquire within*

Corporate Headshots

Starting at $675 
*Discounts for university students and returning clients available*



- brittany Zeinstra

"You are glorious, adept, quippy and SO knowledgeable. I can honesty say our session was the first ever painless shoot I’ve been on. "

- kevin brennan

 I am LITERALLY BUZZING with happiness right now. Thank you so much for these incredible photos and for allowing me to be behind your camera - it was such a wonderful experience and honor to be able to do so. Truly couldn't be happier right now and I'm so so incredibly grateful for you all!

- vanessa sterling

Just wanted to shout out to you that my agent has been SO HAPPY with the response people are having to the shots we took - THANK YOU!
Also, a commercial just aired, in which I play a doctor, lol, so I guess those blazer shots weren’t for nothing ;-P

- evelyn howe

WOW....just!!! YAAAAY!!!!!!!! I am so in LOVE with every pic!!!!!!!!!
Hands down the BEST shoot I have ever had, and it truly captures my ARTIST, not just my hair like oh so many shoots in the past.

- Shawn Zylberberg

"An unbelievable session. The results wouldn't be possible without your guidance and your makeup artist's professionalism. You're the BEST."

- sean brown

Thank you both for the wonderful experience. I have never seen photos of such quality and caliber or had such a pleasurable and welcoming atmosphere from any prior shoots from other photographers. You are truly amazing and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with you! Thank you again for the exceptional experience. 

- michelle mason

"I truly feel like you captured my essence! I’m not surprised though, working with you felt like I was talking to a best friend, I barely even noticed that you were getting masterful angles. Thank you, I’m so glad I chose to work with you! "

- flor de liz perez

"One of the best headshot sessions I’ve ever had. You created such a warm and inviting atmosphere in which we could work, and immediately set me at ease."

- deanna donohue

"First of all, you are the BEST hype-girl. I literally wanted to be both of your best friends, I loved your personalities so much! As someone who is very anxious, you have no idea how much I appreciate people like you. You were so sweet and funny, I didn’t even want to leave! Thank you so much for everything. <3"

- madeline freeman

I love that one of your FAQs on your website is "But will we vibe??" Approximately 5 minutes into our session, I knew we were vibing -- harmonizing from across the room to my playlist, similar senses of humor, similar taste in jewelry... it felt natural and real, and I appreciate that.

- Mikaela Salcedo

how am I gonna choose?!? 
Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.